Trouble generating views for large files


A large file, that is supported for view within Safe Share is slow in producing a view, or is not producing a view at all.


There are two limits on file size that apply to views. 

1. Certain file types skip conversion i.e. pdf,jpg,bmp,png,gif,jpeg and the view is just a copy of the original file. There is a limit of 50 MB in the configuration for that. This can be increased to a reasonable level, keeping in mind that it may potentially take a long time in the browser to download the view. The user will need to delete the original file in this case after the configuration value is increased  (and content service restarted) and re-upload to get the view created. Configuration properties that apply are (in system/application.conf):

skip.conversion.extensions = "pdf,jpg,bmp,png,gif,jpeg"

skip.conversion.maximum.filesize.bytes = 50000000

2. For other file types that support views there is a limit of 20 MB. We do not recommend increasing this as the library we are using 'Aspose' can become unpredictable in creating the views over this file size we found. Configuration properties that apply are:

conversion.maximum.filesize.bytes = 20000000