I cannot view a supported file


User has uploaded a supported file, but when they attempt to 'view' it, the file does not open in the content viewer.

Or, the user does not have a view option for the support file.


  1. Ensure the user has uploaded a support file by checking the Supported View File Types list
  2. The file may be corrupt, or not generating a view for an unknown reason. If able (and not against the users company privacy policy) request a copy of the file and attach to the ticket.
  3. There may be a large view generation queue as a result of a large number of users and/or files with view support currently uploaded. Users should wait until the queue has been cleared. View generation queues may be checked at: (if publicly available)

    Example Url: https://content.service.url/metrics

  4. There may be an error with view generation in the content service and the matter should be escalated.

  5. Log files from the content service will be useful in diagnosis by covata. See Accessing and copying log files


Check the view generation queue for the customers instance (if publicly available). 

If the queue is at 0, it is likely there is an issue with view generation on the content service and the matter should be escalated.

Additional Information

View generations are handled through a queue. If large amounts of users are uploaded files with supported views, they may take some time to generate. 

Content service logs may be useful in diagnosing what is causing the issue with the file.