Uploading a document fails


User attempts to upload a document to Safe Share and it fails. User uploads may fail for a number of reasons:

  1. The user may have exceed their allocated storage quota.
  2. The user has insufficient permissions on the current folder (e.g., they are attempting to upload to a shared folder that they have have insufficient access to upload).
  3. A file or folder may already exist in that location with that name.
  4. The file or folder is causing an incompatibility with the upload function of Safe Share.


The following items should be checked with the user:

  1. User quota available
  2. Permissions on the location
  3. File name.


User uploads may also fail for the following reasons:

  1. The Safe Share organisation has exceeded allocated storage. Only the Safe Share Administrator can increase the allocated quota for the organisation.
  2. The virtual machine has exceeded the available storage space
  3. Incompatibilities with the currently installed Java package due to automatic package updates for the environment

Additional Information

Collect logs from the content service and the access service to assist with diagnosis for operations teams. 

Incompatibilities with Java updates have been known to cause problems after restarting the access and content service.