Accessing and copying log files


After troubleshooting an issue, we need to obtain log files.


Accessing log files will require your ssh public key to be installed within the server.

From a terminal command line (this will copy the whole directory):

Content service nodes: 

ssh content-service-node-host sudo "tar cf - -C /var/log/content-service ." | tar xvf -

Access service nodes

ssh access-service-node-host sudo "tar cf - -C /var/log/access-service ." | tar xvf -

Web Application Server nodes:

ssh static-assets-node-host sudo "tar cf - -C /var/log/nginx ." | tar xvf -

(Note: If NGINX is not used, replace with chosen web server log file location)

For commands run from putty, or other interface type terminal application, these commands will need to be included the 'profile'.

Additional Information

Accessing logs requires ssh (remote) access to the particular node or customer Safe Share environment. 

Only users whose public keys have been explicitly installed into authorized_keys will be able to do that.