Login page does not load


User enters the correct URL into their web browser (i.e. https://covata-safeshare-instance.com) but the login page fails to load.


  1. Does the user have internet connectivity? Are they able to connect to other websites (internal and external)
  2. Can the support agent access the URL (ask the user for the URL). This may or may not be publicly available, and so this step should only be used as an interim step.
  3. Further issues with accessing the environment relate to operations or infrastructure issues and should be escalated.

The personnel with direct SSH access to the virtual machine can correctly diagnose this issue by:

  1. Ensuring the the access service is running on the server using
    1. curl http://localhost:8080/status or http://localhost:8081/status on the relevant VM
    2. ps aux | grep access-service
  2. If the access service is running, this points to an environment issue within the deployment (e.g. DNS level issues, Load balancer configuration, etc)
  3. Log files should be checked within load balancer configuration, and DNS entries checked.


If the user (or support agent) is unable to reach the login page, this can indicate a problem with the hosting infrastructure of the application.

Additional Information

If the endpoints such as 'status' cannot be reach, there is a problem with the application. 

Direct contact should be made with the Operations and Infrastructure teams via escalation in order to proceed with further diagnosis. 

  1. Log files from the access service and content service may be useful in diagnosing what is occurring.