The user is having issues with the file size?


Files of a particular size will not work with Safe Share (upload, download, view, share, etc)

The maximum supported file size is 10GB


The following information should be obtained from the user:

  1. What file type and file size is the user attempting to work with. Files larger than 10GB are not supported.

  2. At what point is the file failing within the upload or download. If the file is constantly failing at a particular point, it may be useful to retain this information for further diagnostics.

  3. Has the user tried the file operation multiple times?

Additional information

Covata tests with file size for a single file upload of 10Gb. Files in excess of this may cause intermittent problems with network connectivity. 

Files larger than this size may have significant impact on local network performance within an organisation.

Local system and network administrators will need to be consulted should users wish to regularly use files larger than 10GB with Safe Share.