I regularly get logged out when using the system?


User is inactive for a period of time and is being logged out of the system.


Refresh token validity determines the length of access a user may have before they are required to reauthenticate. This value is set by a Safe Share administrator on a per client application basis (i.e., Safe Share for Windows, OSX, etc).

Only a user who has the Safe Share Administrator role may perform this action.

  • A Safe Share administrator must alter this value if they wish to decrease the frequency of user logouts. The value can be found in Administrator > Client Apps.
  • Edit the Refresh Token Validity (in seconds) to a more suitable value and save.

Additional information

Most Safe Share deployments only contain a small number of users who have the Safe Share Administrator role.

This will often be assigned to personnel at the hosting level (telco provider) in multi tenant deployments.