User Roles

User's must be assigned a role, granting access to different set of features within Safe Share. The available roles to be assigned are:

  • Originator: Can create encrypted files, store items and share them with other users.
  • Collaborator: Access items shared by other users and download if they have the appropriate rights. Upload items with manage permissions on them.
  • Ad hoc: This user role is created when an item is shared with an email address not currently assigned to a user account within your Covata Platform. Ad hoc is not an assignable role at user creation.
  • System Administrator: This role provides access to all administration features of the Covata Platform.
  • User Administrator: Users with this role can access the Transfer Ownership page of the Administration Interface, providing accessing to the Covata Platform's transfer user ownership feature for items stored on the platform.

Further detail on the available fields and roles can be found in the Covata Administrator's Guide.