I have not received a notification email


A user has not received a notification email for a shared file.


  1. Advise user to check the spam or junk folder of the relevant email account or email application.
  2. Only the following actions trigger a notification email from Safe Share: (Sharing, TBC others)
  3. User may have set a alternate email notification frequency in My Account (Options are Per Item, Daily, Weekly, None). Access My Account from within the Web Application menu for the user and check the email notification frequency.
  4. Email notifications for shared file can be queued based on the volume of current notifications.
  5. Connected SMTP server may be experiencing issues
  6. Confirm SMTP (email) server by checking https://safeshare-server/health

Additional information

Email notifications can be delayed due to issues experienced with the connected SMTP Service/s. Safe Share integrates with an organisations existing SMTP service and has no control over the configuration or configuration of organisation email. 

Users who are experiencing issues with their internal email (outside of Safe Share) will experience issues with their Safe Share notification emails.