SafeShare for Windows

When the application starts it crashes with an unhandled exception?Alex DoslovApr 18, 2018
The application crashes when it starts complaining about a setting value?Alex DoslovSep 19, 2016
I see "Some files could not be processed". What does it mean?Alex DoslovSep 19, 2016
When the application is uninstalled it says it 'cannot close running applications' and asks me to force-close?Alex DoslovSep 19, 2016
I am getting errors in the sign-in screen. What do they mean?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
Does the application store a copy of my user credentials in memory or on disk?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
How much disk space do the logs require?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
I get an error saying "this operation is not available at this time". What does it mean?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
I get an error saying "some files may have not been synchronised yet". What does it mean?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
I added some files but they do not get encrypted. Why?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
When I click "Reconnect now" from the system tray menu nothing happens?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
Safe Share options on the context menu are greyed out.Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
When the application starts it says it cannot find the Callback Filter?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
When I double-click to view an encrypted file the view is not rendered correctly. Why?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
What happens to unencrypted content after it disappears when the encrypted version is created?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
Unable to access Windows Safe Share appSean MartinSep 16, 2016
The application has stopped syncing anything else. Why?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
After I installed and signed-in I saw a getting started guide popping up but accidentally closed it. Can I bring it back?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
A file does not get synced from the server, but can be seen in the web client. Why?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016
I moved a file into the Safe Share folder and now I cannot locate an unencrypted file?Alex DoslovSep 16, 2016