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Brody Jenner And Audrina Patridge Detail Hookup, He Apologizes To Kaitlynn On 'Hills' Premiere

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During Brody Jenner's 2015 appearance on , then-girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter participated in a phone-in and appeared to make some pretty major revelations about the reality star's love life.

  • In 1989, Jenner played herself in the comedy short written by.

  • Although neither have mentioned whether they're considering getting back together, only time will tell what happens between the former couple.

The episode ended with a teaser for the season, showing Brody dating yet another woman and possibly flirting with.

  • .

  • No wonder Hamm has that smile on his face, huh? Their divorce terms were finalized in December 2014 and went into effect on March 23, 2015, as mandated by a state legal requirement for a six-months delay after the filing.

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