SafeShare Release Notes CS1.0

Release overview

Access Service: CS1.0
Content Service:  CS1.0
Web App: CS1.0
Wopi Service (for 'Edit in Office Online'): CS1.0

Key SafeShare features

  • Edit In Office Online:  The act of downloading a document from SafeShare removes the document from the secure environment that SafeShare provides. The “Edit in Office Online” feature enables users to collaborate on Microsoft Office documents while remaining within SafeShare’s security controls.
  • Create in SafeShare:  This feature builds on Edit on Office Online by allowing new Microsoft Office documents to be created from within SafeShare.  These documents will be saved directly into SafeShare and will therefore improve the security and control of sensitive documents.
  • Save from Office:  This is a new add on for Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint that enables a user to execute key SafeShare functions from within their office application.  Key functions are Secure (ie saving directly to SafeShare), sharing and directing users to SafeShare to open documents.  This means that files can be saved directly to SafeShare and avoid the need to save a version of the file on the user's end point before uploading to SafeShare. This reduces security exposures arising from multiple copies of sensitive files.  
  • Multi-Tenant LDAP:  LDAP can now be configured at an organisation level.  This will enable organisations on multi-tenant versions to synchronise users with an active directory (or directories) specific to that organisation.  With this feature we have also introduced a number of safeguards to reduce the potential for unintended deletion of data when a user is removed from an organisation's active directory.
  • Application Name:  The concept of an application name has been introduced into the UI to allow organisations to name their version of SafeShare.  This is used at various places in SafeShare to refer to that organisation's instance in SafeShare.  Previously such a concept only existed at a system level so this improves the experience for organisations on a multi-tenant platform.
  • Sharing Notifications:  These now show the time and date of sharing periods in the organisations time zone.
  • Various bug fixes

Platform features

  • Light Deployment Model:  This is an infrastructure change that does not directly impact end user functionality, but enables the deployment of new services (eg Edit in Office Online, Reporting features etc).  These changes also make the underlying infrastructure more reliable and scalable for future demand.  These improvements are achieved through the use of Docker containers managed from a Kubernetes cluster.

Resolved Customer Support Requests

CS-1297: Display local time zone when sharing

CS-1062: Unable to connect via Windows Client

CS-288: Deleting a user from an LDAP group

Known Issues

  • Save After Edit icon only appearing when an item is clicked (should be on mouse over).
  • Return to SafeShare from Edit in Office Online difficult when permissions to access a file are removed whilst editing.
  • For users with multiple organisations, returning from Edit in Office Online takes the user to the default organisation (should be the organisation for the file that was being edited).