SafeShare Release Notes 3.5

SafeShare features

  • Share items with a group of users - Covata users can now share items with a group of users known as a contact group. Contact groups are specific to each organisation and are configurable by an Organisation administrator through Organisation Administration.
  • Contact group configuration - Organisation administrators can create and modify contact groups, which users within their organisation can utilise to share items easily with a group of people.
  • SafeShare Administration dashboard enhancement - the SafeShare Administration dashboard now shows the numbers of Organisation administrators and Ad hoc users, as well as the total number of users for each organisation.
  • Registered user summary enhancement - the optional emailed registered user summary feature (sent on the 1st of each calendar month) now distinguishes between a Covata user with the Collaborator role, whose account was created:
    • by an Organisation administrator adding the user's account to their organisation (i.e. a 'Local' user account), or
    • when another Covata user shared an item with this user (i.e. an 'External' user account).
    Therefore, the Collaborators column in these emailed summaries are now split into separate Collaborators (Local) and Collaborators (External) columns.

Covata Platform features

The Access and Content Services now support connections to a virtual host on the RabbitMQ message queue, which allows the message queue to be shared between deployments of Covata SafeShare.

Additional notes

To avoid potential confusion with the contact groups feature, the existing groups feature in Organisation Administration (which allows Organisation administrators to associate users with classifications) has been renamed clearances. Therefore, a clearance now associates a group of users with one or more classifications.

Resolved Customer Support Issues

  • Improvements to SAML Integration with ADFS (CS-880).