SafeShare Release Notes 3.5 SP2

Release overview

Access Service: 3.5.abd04e4d
Access service DB: 3.5.abd04e4d
Content Service: 3.5.062fdfba
Web App: 3.5.f02acf84

SafeShare features

  • New Logos and Branding:  Changed  to reflect the latest corporate and product logos 
  • New permission definitions:  Definitions of user permissions has been updated to make them more intuitive

Manage --> Co-owner
Modify --> Manage
Upload --> Create
Download (unchanged)
View (unchanged)

Note: A new mobile client has been released with the new permission definitions.  The previous client can still be used but the naming will not align between the web client and the mobile client.

  • In view only mode the option for printing the document no longer exists - Users with whom the document is shared in  view only mode  cannot print the document.
  • Enhanced User experience for file upload errors:  On the occurrence of errors in file uploads , users are now notified  by a warning mail and the uploaded file is colour coded to red in the  web browser interface .
  • Lookup search functionality for existing users: While sharing the documents users can use the feature of  lookup search that suggests the matches within the existing users  that are provisioned in the SafeShare system .
  • File sharing period per file:  Users with Manage permissions can now enable/disable sharing period per-file for collaborators with 'manage' permissions
  • On Boarding improvements:  The user experience has been improved  to make the process for on boarding organisations and users easier
  • Usability Improvements:  Workflow changes, additional tool tips and prompts have been included to make the user experience better

Resolved Customer Support Requests

CS-1112:    LDAP Synchronization issues when new users are added to Active directory

CS-1042:  Unable to delete a shared file when sharing period is set and still valid for the file.

CS-1027: Enable/disable sharing period per-file for collaborators with 'manage' permissions

CS-1012: Address book  suggestions of email addresses do not appear for collaborators with manage permission

CS-1184:  Issues with deletion of folders containing files a user cannot access.

Known Issues

  • No specific known issues are introduced in this release