SafeShare Release Notes 3.5 SP1

Release overview

Access Service version: 3.5.41

Content Service version: 3.5.10

Web Application Version: 3.5.8

SafeShare enhancements 

  • Enhancements and fixes for folder visibility issues upon transferring files and folders to another user .
  • Notification for the originator user when there is a new version of the file that was uploaded. 
  • Watermarking is now enabled by default for selected organisations and an administrator can choose to disable the same from Organisation administrator configurations.

Bug Fixes and Customer Support Issues 

  • CS-1047 : When a customer uses SafeShare from web browser at times the loading of the file in SafeShare does not happen in "View only"  mode. 
  • CS-1045 : Watermark size is too large and hampers the readability of the document when seen on a view
  • CS-1009 : Synchronisation of LDAP users when the local users are deleted and later synced back
  • CS-1001 : Bug Fixes with respect to view/download of excel sheets in SafeShare
  • CS-991   : Intermittent issues with view of files with sizes greater than 25 MB in size 
  • CS-982   :  The file with sharing period set on cannot be deleted before the sharing period expires 
  • CS-960   : Inconsistency in dashboard view with respect to total file storage being used .  

Known Issues

  • None that got introduced in this release