SafeShare Release Notes 3.4

Release overview

Features of the SafeShare 3.4 release

  • FIPS Compliant Libraries: SafeShare now contains FIPS compliant libraries within the Content Service.
  • SafeShare Mobility (iOS): To support On premise installations of SafeShare, Covata have launched the SafeShare mobility Application in the iOS App Store.
  • Simplified and improved the adhoc collaborator workflow.
  • Password expiration policies can now be set at the SafeShare administrator level/configuration
  • Organisations (tenants) removal now requires two (2) authorised administrators to confirm deletion.
  • Change password available in native applications (Windows, Android)

Resolved Customer Support Issues

  • Ability to view .msg files in the secure viewer (CS-826)
  • Allow adhoc user sharing to be disabled (CS-748)
  • Additional verification for deletion of an organisation (CS-741)
  • Improve adhoc user access and login flow (CS-735)
  • Report 'action' field should allow filter on 'deleted' actions (CS-636)
  • Organisation Administrator checkbox misaligned in Firefox (CS-633)
  • Add password expiry feature and configuration options for administrations (CS-627)
  • Initial password cannot be reused (CS-625)
  • Improved reporting for administrator activities (CS-605)
  • Additional history tab translations for de_DE (CS-590)
  • Group description cannot be removed (CS-478)
  • Enhanced user and administrator change history in My Account (CS-447)
  • Improvements to loading of login page (CS-248)
  • HSTS for Subdomains is now a configurable option

Covata Platform

Features and Enhancements

  • Default limit for uploads increased to 100GB.

Known Issues

  • The automatic account unlock feature may not work as designed on some installations. In these instances, affected users must use the password reset feature to regain access to a locked account or contact their organisation administrator.