What is Covata SafeShare?

Covata SafeShare is a secure file collaboration solution for enterprises.

SafeShare has been developed with security at its core and will help support your business as it adheres to regulatory compliance requirements.

Security - Keep data encrypted everywhere. 

  • Data is encrypted and decrypted at source - even administrators cannot see the data.
  • The file owner controls who can access the document.
  • Access is authorised with each attempt at the time of access, minimizing the risk of exposing information.

Anywhere - Ubiquitous access to secure data.

  • Data can be securely accessed by internal and external users.  It is ideal for collaboration with partners and customers.
  • Connect any device, across any network without compromising data security.

Enterprise - The enterprise never loses control.

  • Designed for the enterprise, users and data are managed in accordance with organisation needs.
  • All access is comprehensively audited and controlled.

 To Find Out More, visit the Covata Website at www.covata.com