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American Idol (TV Series 2002– )

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It is a matter of the heart, associated with pride, self-centeredness, greed, gluttony , and for possessions.

  • To quote his comments to William Hung, you cannot sing, you cannot dance, so what do you want us to say? Soon, even my reading, which was supposed to draw me closer to God, turned into more of an academic pursuit.

  • This dynamic was extremely entertaining to watch.

As we surrender everything, including those we hold most dear, to our Savior, He saturates our souls and brings light and wholeness to our interactions.

  • The sinful things deceive us and ultimately lead only to death Romans 6:23.

  • Visit her online to find out more about her speaking or , and sign up for her free quarterly newsletter to learn of her future appearances, projects, and releases.

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